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How To | Successfully Hosting Christmas - Serving 3 Key Looks

The festive season is always a joyful time of the year but can also be one of the most stressful, especially if you’re playing host this time around. In true festive-spirit, we’ve narrowed down three key and iconic looks to help relieve your home-styling pressure, and answer your question of how to decorate a dining room for Christmas.


Whether you’re celebrating in a simple and intimate style to a larger and louder family gathering, we’ve got you completely covered. Your checklist to hosting the best friends and family Christmas dining begins here! 


Elga Recycled Elm Dining Table | Henrik Dining Chair - Hans Wegner Replica | Felix 2 Framed Wall Art Print.


Contemporary Luxe: for a Big and Bold Christmas


Christmas isn’t just about the presents and the epic feasting (although they do play a large part), it’s about spending quality time with your loved ones - immediate or extended. The more the merrier right? If this is the case, then choose to style your home in the contemporary luxe look, perfect for catering to a larger party, and utilising a bigger space. The contemporary interior design style is better known for its simplicity and overall edgy chicness. It’s a style that promotes clean lines and equally clean spaces, effortlessly creating a calming and fresh interior. 


Trigger Concrete Pendant Light - Dark Grey | Felix 1 Framed Wall Art Print | Zodiac Dining Table.


To achieve the look, keep things simple, and focus on interesting forms. Showcase dramatic contrasts such as black furniture juxtaposed against a soft white rug. Feature geometric shapes through hanging lights or eye-catching wall art prints. Ensure you also consider what size dining room table you’ll need to be able to cater for your big and bold party. 


By doing so, your guests won’t just feel comfortable and invited, but they’ll be thoroughly impressed with your natural flair for styling!


Dean Dining Chair Avenue Sideboard | Juan 1.25m Round Wooden Dining Table.


Modern Mid-Century Design: for a Minimal Gathering 


For a small - medium sized gathering we recommend opting for the Modern Mid-Century design. This look will never go out of style or demand, just like a wholesome family Christmas gathering. It's perfect for a minimal sized gathering, as it promotes vitality and easy mobility. Decorating in this design requires a focus on subtle and soft styling, and an even bigger focus on keeping things minimal. Quite opposite to the contemporary look, think about incorporating furniture and furnishings that focus on functionality and purpose.


How can you achieve this look? Place your focus on creating a fresh space by showcasing unique and modern design pieces. Use your Christmas dining table as the focal point to tie the whole room together and to promote your use of natural curves and sleek lines.  Decorate with striking colour accents that contrast yet complement each other. Adding a statement wall art and natural greenery will also help liven up the room, creating the perfect mood for a festive and modern Christmas!


Rayan Reclaimed Pine Side Cabinet | Orlando Dining Table.  


Scandi Style: for an Iconic and Intimate Dinner

In order to spend Christmas the right way, it needs to be hosted in a style that suits you, and that means celebrating it any way you want - big or small. For a more intimate and cosy dining experience, choose the Scandi Style and familiarise yourself with the term ‘Hygge’. 


Why Hygge you might ask? Because this design is all about achieving simplicity, warmth, and comfort in your own home. A space that has a lot of natural walls and flooring, and promotion of natural light in the room, will help you easily complete this look. Otherwise the use of dark and exposed wooden furniture pieces will help you achieve the same. 

Santiago 6 Seater Dining Table - Rustic Oak | Harper Dining Chair - Black - Natural Seat | Santiago Wide Sideboard - Rustic Oak.


To incorporate a Christmas touch with a Scandi style collaboration, opt for a muted colour palette of soft greens and red. Add the final touch with native flowers and leaves, and minimal ornamentation. 


Whatever your Christmas style and dining size is, it’s important to focus on what look and feel you’d like to achieve. Here’s the best opportunity to showcase your expert eye for interior design and your perfect hosting skills. Let the season of feasting-frenzy, gift-giving and iconic dining styles begin!