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Expert Interview | A Talk with Zephyr + Stone

You’ve most likely heard of the powerhouse that is Zephyr + Stone when their Beach House project garnered attention nationwide. If not, then you’re about to discover your next favourite interior design Instagram and blog.


Run by Ania Forster and Kasia Clarke, functional and aesthetically beautiful design are important to the sister duo. Zephyr + Stone are known for their design and styling tips that have been featured in media. Today, they will be sharing their thoughts and tips on this year’s trends and predictions for the next big thing.


What are your favourite 2019 trends so far?

We are loving the re-emergence of warmer colours and deeper hues. We also love the shift towards more pared back finishes and interiors. Trends like Maree Kondo’s decluttering revolution have definitely made many individuals re-think their homewares and habits and we love that we are seeing more design that considers the environment and awareness of excessive waste. The result is a trend towards quality over quantity, and more custom, thoughtful pieces in our homes.


We're seeing a lot of curved and graphic shapes recently in interiors. Do you expect this trend to develop next year or to phase out? 

Absolutely, curves add softness and the feeling of balance to a space that sharp corners cannot. They make flow and movement organic and easy. We will continue to see curves in our homes and even more so in commercial settings where they noticeably add calm. Graphic shapes will add texture and pattern to pared-back interiors.


Photo @zephyr_and_stone


Colour is making a big comeback this year, from earthy tones to bold hues. What are your favourite colours this year? 

We’re loving all the warmth we’re seeing in both hard and soft finishes. The various shades of green are definitely our favourite, followed closely by deep blues and mustards.


How do you predict the next big interior trend? 

Trends evolve gradually as our lifestyles do and are affected by many factors. Trending interior colours on the other hand change more rapidly and are generally closely related to fashion and art. When we design homes, we generally keep the hard finishes neutral so that as colours come and go it’s easy to inject new life into a space with just a select few pieces. This is more cost-effective and sustainable.


 Photo @zephyr_and_stone


What ways can someone incorporate these trends into their spaces (from living to dining to the bedroom)? 

Invest in quality neutral pieces that will work with a wide range of colours. To incorporate colour or trends in your home, opt for finishes or pieces that are easy to change or update, like paint colours on walls, linen on your bed or cushions and throws on your couch. This way you can easily and more often create a whole new look in your home by simply updating or changing accessories.