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How To | Interior Lighting Design Ideas

Subtle as they may be, often the essence of a room is completed thanks to its lighting. Common areas such as kitchens and dining rooms are sometimes darker than we’d like, while the bed and bathrooms could do with new fixtures, perhaps with dimming features to set a more suitable mood? Here are a few lighting ideas you may find useful for adding style and illuminating your home.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights have become significantly popular among interior enthusiasts, with such a variety of designs on offer – there’s bound to be one (or five) that will perfectly suit your home. Ideal for a meals area, or perhaps a bar, pendant lights are the current “go-to”s in lighting decor. Predominantly installed over kitchen islands, these modern fixtures provide not only a visual display of flawless style but simultaneously illuminate your bench with the extra lighting you need, making them practical as well as pretty!


Classics never die. The addition of a chandelier in your lounge is an incredible way to draw attention and bring iridescence into your home. Regardless of the size or style of your chandelier, the crystals will reflect light from all angles, bringing sparkles of radiance to every corner of the room. During the day, let sunlight do all the work and watch your ceiling dazzle without consuming electricity. There’s no better way to introduce bright lighting than these timeless features.

Chandeliers work best in rooms with lots of ceiling space. Be sure to take note of heights and the levels of your home to avoid low drooping and collisions with other objects around the room.

Sconce Lights

Wall sconce lights provide decadence and are a perfect addition to any room in your home. If you’re after a certain ambience, these wall fixtures set a romantic mood, dimming the room to resemble candlelight whilst at the same time adding luxurious statements. You may have come across them previously, as they are commonly used in hotel suites. Though sconce lights can work in any type of room, they are perfectly suited for bedrooms and living areas due to their soft and subtle glow – making them ideal for a relaxing night in watching movies or as stylish alternatives in place of reading lamps. Additionally, if you’re looking to revamp the bathroom, sconces make for wonderful features that establish elegance.

You’ll find a huge array of design and shapes available; choose the lights that will most complement your home’s interior, particularly keeping in mind where it will sit on your wall and the colour palettes currently in your chosen room.