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How To | Melt Away Your Winter Woes

Loss of daylight saving, lack of sunlight, cold mornings, and heaters on blast: you guessed it. A Melbourne winter is around the corner. So, you might be wondering how to prepare for the long winter months and dark days that lay ahead. With the help of some of our top styling tips, it’s possible to brighten up your home and improve your well-being during winter.

Take a look at our top winter tips:

  1. Have a “spring clean”

We know it’s actually autumn but the same process still applies. Our suggestion is to break up the weeks or weekends leading up to winter according to each room in your house. Start with the bedroom. Go through the wardrobe, under the bed and desk and throw out any junk you might have hoarded. The next step is to look through the kitchen cupboards, fridge, storage places, and so on. There’s no need to be extreme, just get rid of the broken, dirty and unused things. It’s amazing how quickly a simple spring cleaning can freshen and lighten up the look of your home. You’ll feel satisfied, guaranteed. Anderson Console | Birch Branch in Jasper Vase

  1. Get a plant

Indoor plants are always in-trend and for good reasons. Whether you’re living in an apartment, townhouse or standalone, potted plants are a great addition to your home. Plants help to add aesthetic to your space, are proven to increase oxygen levels (if they’re real), reduce dust, and improve your focus. Some great artificial succulents that can survive the dead of winter are the Set of 3 Succulent Glass Jars and the Echeveria in Terrarium Artificial Plant. These plants require no watering and sunlight, a perfect solution to winter weather or notorious plant killers. With all the benefits they provide, plants can be a fantastic way to ward off the winter blues in your home.

  1. Add Some Colour

Add a splash of colour to your home! This can be in any way, shape, or form. You can go out and buy a new blanket or statement piece of furniture, pillowcases or throw rugs. Even putting up a happy summer photo can do the trick.

Adding a warm hue within a more neutral setting is a great way to infuse warmth and energy into your home.  Focus on a few uplifting colours, for example hot pinks, zesty limes, or something even brighter. Remember to tread carefully when using these tones, as more than three to four in one room can ruin the appeal.

  1. Use Reflective Pieces

A different way to lift the mood is to include mirrors, lamps, and metallic pieces into your home. These items can be instant mood lifters due to the ability to bounce light around.


As the saying goes, “it’s not how big’s the house, it’s how happy’s the home.” Start using these tips to transform a gloomy home into a happy one this winter!