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Style Focus | Stylish Outdoor Furniture for Summer

Looking for furniture inspiration to invigorate your outdoor space just in time for summer? Whether you own a generously-sized deck or garden, or a confined balcony or patio, with a bit of research and planning, you can make the most out of the time you spend outdoor regardless of the space you have available.

Coastal Charm

No other decoration theme shouts summer louder than coastal style. Can’t smell the salty air of the sea when stepping outside? Then at least enjoy a picturesque scenery opting for a colour palette worthy of true Mediterranean living. Pick classic or rustic furniture characterized by whites and blues for a fresh beach look and throw in some lime or burnt orange accents for a more contemporary vibe.

Foldable and Stackable

Easy to store, space-saving pieces will always score extra points, particularly if a tiny patio is all you have in terms of outdoor space. Chic, compact dining solutions in wood or other natural materials also offer the comfort of timeless style. If you are looking for a more modern or eclectic vibe, look for pieces in blacks or whites made from wrought iron or other metal materials and let your creativity dictate the tone of your decorative accents.

Modern Cottage-Style

With so much outdoor furniture diversity tempting us at every corner of the world-wide-web, taking on a cottage-style offer may seem redundant. However, the overwhelming choice in décor is the perfect saviour, transforming a traditional setting into a stunning mix of whimsy. Don’t make do with safer decorating options. Pick cushions, throws and rugs in mismatched prints for a surprising outdoor affair.

Bring Your Indoor Style Outdoors

Scored some neat deals on your indoor furniture and it perfectly reflects your style? Then why not mirror that style outdoors as well? Any choice of material has an all-weather counterpart and any style can be reproduced to fit the outdoors. Perceive your outdoor space as an extension of your interior and finding stylish furniture for your patio will be a lot easier!

Weatherproof Wicker

What’s the first furniture type that springs into mind when thinking stylish outdoor furniture? If wicker is your answer, we couldn’t agree more! Blending perfectly into any natural backdrop, wicker is the most reliable element; it has it all: resilience, texture, design, versatility. You don’t feel comfortable into a rustic or traditional wicker setting? With the right wicker furniture, you can pull of an edgy, super stylish setting in no time!