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The Reason Why Your mum Should Always be in Charge When it Comes to Choosing Furniture

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We all acknowledge there are differences between us, but how does that pertain to choosing furniture? Unlike what many are tempted to think, there is no actual proof that men’s tastes are different than women’s , in fact the differences in taste are less pronounced gender-wise as opposed to general differences between individuals. If you’re searching for furniture, there’s a big chance your mum won’t agree with your choices, but that has pretty much everything to do with the way she approaches interior design. So why should your mum always be in charge when choosing furniture? Here’s why:

Artistry mixed with logical thinking

Women are creative, yet pragmatic thinkers who know how to pull off a beautiful furniture look, while creating a cohesive, functional space. Their instinct does a large part of the job, while their keen eye can pick out any issue. When deciding upon what furniture to buy, mums perceive a living space as a whole, taking the family’s needs into account and discriminating between not only what looks good, but most importantly, what works in their home. Men pick up what draws their attention, recognizing product features they’ve seen and know they look good, instead of pondering whether that item of furniture can create a cohesive aesthetic and work with the environment.

Open to change

Men appreciate representative, easily recognizable features in furniture, settling on product typologies and buying renowned labels as a way to demonstrate knowledge in interior design. Women, on the other hands, are much more open to experimenting with furniture and moving things around to bring different looks together.

Seeing the potential in furniture

It’s easy to solve design dilemmas when you see the potential of furniture pieces and ideas others rush to discard right away as a waste of time. Mums have strategic patience to plan and rethink ideas and are more willing to invest efforts in furniture makeovers and upgrades that would transform them from trash into treasures.

The issue of colour

Men stick to neutral tones or colours they like best as opposed to women who choose fresher shades and patterns, knowing which colours work best together, which don’t and how different colour tones can influence the mood and ambiance of a living space. If there is someone who could tell you what the difference between off-white and grey is, that’s most likely to be mum.

Passion for shopping

Just like it is when shopping for clothing, men easily find what they like and they buy it. Women, however, see in shopping even more than a sport, committing themselves into finding the next big thing, and at an incredible deal. Online shopping is just a small part of the entire process, as women are much more inclined to spend more time browsing and searching for great furniture, scoring amazing pieces at flea markets, antique shops and many different furniture stores. Mums get the thrill of shopping, and putting passion into it is more likely to have the wanted outcome.


Men can sometimes lack experience in choosing furniture and are less likely to cover interior design topics in their daily reads as opposed to women who tend to give a lot of attention to design planning, just like they would do with their outfits. Women’s magazines are packed with furnishings and decorating ideas and stories and, oftentimes, their Pinterest accounts are full of bedroom décor ideas and ways to update kitchen seating and so on. Men, however, are more interested in technology and ways to make their living space as automatic as possible, choosing their furniture based on technical features and functions, an aspect that weighs little in the way women perceive furniture.