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Style Focus | Working from Home with Style

Your home office could use some reinvention if it were to set the scene for a more ingenious and productive you. So now’s a good time like any to put new ideas into practice, so you can do your work in the comfort of your living space…and do so in style!


No desk, no matter how stylish, can look inviting if invaded by cable clutter, electronic devices, paperwork and other items that do not belong on the work surface. Play it smart by investing in desks that feature wire holes and make sure you equip your home office area with sufficient storage to keep your work space well organized. Skip the drawer cabinets and other formal furniture pieces that could take away from the homely vibe of a domestic office space. Instead, come up with ways to incorporate creative storage that will make your work area look and feel more like an extension of your living space. Mounted shelves, adorned boxes, baskets and other elements will keep clutter at bay while illustrating your unique decorating style.

The power of nature

Nature inspiration is a priority in design nowadays. Whether it’s through floral artwork, wooden floors, a reclaimed desk or actual plants, every stylish home office needs elements and finishes that link to the outdoors to feel cozier and more invigorating.

Colour creative

Decorating your home office with the colours you like will stimulate concentration, creativity and productivity and nurse positive thoughts. Since you’re decorating your own work space, feel free to use the wide colour spectrum to your own advantage and play with various tones in unexpected ways. Not a fan of rich colours and textures? Play it minimal…

Black or white

A major home office trend this year consists of minimalist black or white desks and seating. These will give your work space a clean look and a distinguished elegance that no other designs will. A sophisticated environment like this eliminates distractions, leaving you relaxed and focused on the task at hand.

Beautiful lighting fixtures

It’s not only the choice of desks that defines the look of your home office. Lighting fixtures can really make or break a space and if you are to create a stylish work environment, incorporating beautiful lighting is a must. A trendy idea is to use colour to create contrast between the wall and /or desk and your lighting fixture. Whether you choose an adjustable desk lamp or pick a splendid pair of table lamps to flank each side of your desk, do not leave the lighting part to chance.

Smart space savers

Having a constrained living space is no excuse to work on your laptop in bed. There are numerous desk options on trend right now, and while some simply feature smaller proportions, others are built-in, some are concealed under the appearance of wall-mounted tables with flip-open and others are fitted with extendable sections.

Double duty

Working from home gives you complete freedom to choose the type of furniture you’re comfortable with, and if your taste in desk designs is more eclectic, do opt for a stylish table instead so you can use it effortlessly when you’re entertaining.

Stark contrasts

Matching the desk design with the seating is not as hip as using completely different styles and materials for the two. If your home showcases your love for various styles, why not make your home office reflect that by choosing a prominent antique desk design and a contrasting modern chair?

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