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Interior Spotlight | A Lounge Seat for Everyone

The living room is where we all gather together. It’s where we spend time bonding with each other while watching T.V or just catching up with family, friends, or even neighbours. So, it makes sense to have the perfect lounge or sofa to define a living room, the centre of entertainment and leisure in the home. Not only do lounges and sofas give everyone a seat, it helps make your home feel welcoming and complete.

Choosing the right lounge is a difficult task in of itself, especially when you have to take practicality, budget, and comfortableness into account. But, worry not. From stylish contemporary to relaxation central, we’ve got your back with a guide to help you find the right, slouch-worthy sofa for you.

 For the Movie Marathons

Going on a Netflix binge and plush sofas are made for each other, and that’s what Anette 3 Seater Sofa is perfect for. This inviting sofa re-imagines a classic retro silhouette with modern charm to offer you a relaxing haven. Featuring a versatile and neutral palette to go with any decor, the stark straight lines are balanced by the beautiful curved edges that create an inviting ambience where you can lounge all night long. Plus, the cushion covers are removable. Easy cleaning and maintenance? Check!

 For the Modular Fans

So, you’ve got the space and need to fill it up with something special and timeless. Not to mention ample space to stretch out. Celine 3 Seater Sofa is the way to go thanks to its wonderful modular sofa style. It’s hard to say no to such an inviting sofa with those rounded lines that promote comfy cushions. Designed for the modern life, the moveable three-piece sofa offers versatility and styling flexibility to suit any living room with ease. Say goodbye to cramped sofas, you can lounge about without bumping elbows!

 For the Small Homes

Austin Armchair | Floyd Coffee Table | Johana Coffee Table

Having a smaller living room and limited space is a challenge when perfectly comfy but large lounges command the space. On the other hand, smaller sofas have all the style impact but lose the comfort. This is where the Austin 2 Seater Sofa comes in, maintaining its streamlined contemporary silhouette with a laid-back vibe for those lazy days. Reliable and resilient for everyday life, the simple lines and wood accents echo a Scandinavian inspired look that will suit an array of décor styles. The individual cushions put an end to the tug-and-pull fights for your own space, letting you collapse and unwind after a long day.

 For the Modern Chaise

Who doesn’t want to be classy? A chaise lounge adds an instant relaxed sense of style and elegance in the space. Coming in classic vintage styles and chic contemporary pieces, a chaise lounge can fill up the space with lasting style. Place the ultra-modern chaise lounge Le Corbusier by a bay window or wall to transform the living room. Infusing sleek appeal, this chaise lounge offers supportive comfort with a number of recline features to suit any level of leisure.

 For the Space-saving Solution

The modern lifestyle is demanding and fast paced where multi-tasking is key to get by – translate it to furniture and we’ve got the ever versatile sofa beds and daybeds. The Gerry Ruby Fabric Daybed adds that pop of colour into your décor while being a multi-use furnish for whatever the day demands of it. Pile on the bedding and cushions and you’ve got an inviting spot for those afternoon siestas or unexpected and overnight guests!

Lounges and sofas are a serious purchase where you need to consider so many factors and options. They complete the living room with function and contemporary style. It’s also important to reflect your own personal interior style and not settle on plain furnishings that don’t showcase it. Create a rubric that best suits your space, needs, and style. Are you looking for a lounge that will meet the demands of daily life, or do you need sofa that doesn’t dominate the space? Don’t forget to measure the space and keep note, which will save you from trouble down the road. A lounge is an investment. It should also be timeless to outlast those seasonal trends. After all, a comfort-calling sofa is just what we need for daily living!