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How To | Find the Right Coffee Table for Your Space

Finding a new coffee table should be a breeze but there are many more factors that go into picking the right coffee table for your living room. Firstly, the coffee table dimensions need to be the right size, from height, length, and width. Secondly, it needs to suit the proportion of your space and your current furniture. And thirdly, your new coffee table also needs to match materials and textures of your decor and suit the needs of your home; do you need storage or does it have to be kid-friendly?


All these factors can be overwhelming when you’re looking for a modern coffee table. But trust us, the hard work pays off. We have four guidelines for you to follow before buying that new coffee table. Stay tuned at the end for a quick checklist to tick-off!


Living Room Coffee Table Height

How high should a coffee table be? Have you ever felt the awkwardness of a living room coffee table by size that’s too high or too low for a sofa? Imagine living with that unnamed awkwardness every day if you chose the wrong height for your coffee table! The height of a coffee table needs to match the height of your beautiful sofa. A simple rule to keep in mind is that the average height of a coffee table should be the same height as the cushions on your sofa or one to two inches lower; anything more than that and you’ll risk the space feeling and looking odd. Additionally, you should ensure the length of the coffee table is in relation to the width of your sofa. Specifically, the coffee table should be roughly two-thirds the length of your sofa.

Measure Your Living Room

Consider and measure the proportions of the living room. It will save you from the unnecessary troubles of having furniture that’s too big or little for your space. After you’ve got your measurements, you can start choosing the ideal shape of your coffee table. Choosing between round, square, rectangle, or oval coffee tables often comes down to the length and clearance (aka the space between the coffee table and sofa and TV unit) required around it.  It often depends on the shape, size, and height of your sofa too. A bigger sofa can handle bigger coffee tables whereas a round coffee table can soften the straighter and sharper lines of your furnishings


Find the Balance

It’s all about balancing all of your furniture together. So, when choosing a coffee table, think about the “weightiness”. A coffee table should complement the other furniture in the room and make everything feel proportioned and balanced. In a way, you want a balanced contrast between the coffee table and sofa.


Sinclair Black Marble Coffee Table & Side Table | Denmark Chaise Sofa | Tracy Lounge Chair.


Choose a solid black marble coffee table that touches the ground or one with chunky legs to complement a sofa with high skinny legs.


Robin Marble Coffee Table | Troy Chaise Sofa.


If your sofa has low or no visible legs, then opt for a coffee table that has high skinny legs. A good question to ask yourself is “does the room feel leggy’ (both the sofa and coffee table have raised skinny legs)?” and “is the room grounded?”. If your answer is, “Yes, it feels leggy” and “No, it doesn’t feel grounded”, then you might have to reconsider the design of a coffee table to balance the space.


Know What You Need

Think about what you need in a coffee table. Do need a design with storage or one with lots of surface space? Do you put your feet up on the coffee table? Maybe an ottoman is a better choice for you.  If you need a kid-friendly piece, then a rounded and non-glass coffee table is a safer option than a rectangular glass coffee table. Picking the right material is important too.


Sassy Glass Coffee Table | Molly Black Velvet Armchair.


Glass coffee tables help keep the space feeling open and light, especially in smaller homes where you want to avoid making your space feel cramped and cluttered. Wooden coffee tables are versatile and timeless pieces that will suit most interiors, and add natural warmth to make the living room more inviting. A nest of side tables is a versatile choice and great for small spaces. On the off chance that you really want a smidgen of extravagance, velvet armchair and black velvet armchair will most likely currently be one of your no.1 textures.


The Coffee Table Checklist

Choosing a standard coffee table height can be harder than assumed. That’s why we’ve compiled a short and sweet checklist for you to tick off when you’re looking for a new coffee table by size:
  • Measure your living room
  • Check your sofa dimensions and match it to the length and height of a coffee table
  • Create a mood board to ensure the new coffee table will complement and balance with your current furniture
  • Choose materials and features (aka storage) that match your lifestyle and decor


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