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How to | Bring Banquette Seating Into Your Home : Our Mother’s Day Edit

Commonly spotted amongst the cafe and restaurant scene, we’re now seeing this banquette style seating appear more in everyday homes. Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of having an in-built bench seat, so we’ve created an alternative and versatile option made for Mother’s Day. 

Instead of the in-built design, opt for a sofa on one side and chairs in a timeless design on the other. It’s the perfect set-up to host a cozy Mother’s Day brunch. To make this happen, it’s all about your sofa choice. So to create this seating set-up we’ll give you some tips on choosing the right sofa whilst treating Mum to a banquette style brunch she won’t forget!


Make the right sofa choice

Picking the right sofa for your living room or in this case your dining room is pivotal to ensure you can set up this style of seating in your own home. This is where the sofa vs couch dilemma comes in. You may wonder what the difference is but we’ve done our research and there is one! Traditionally a couch refers to being able to recline or lay down. Whereas a sofa is typically a more engineered piece of furniture that is able to seat more than two people.


Javier 1.8m Dining Table | Garret Wooden Dining Chair - Full Black.


So should you opt for a sofa or couch? 

For this particular set-up we suggest a sofa that not only features firm cushions to provide extra stability but also is the right seating height for your table! Once you have found where to buy your sofa from, we always suggest viewing the product in person if possible. If you are buying a sofa online, our tip is to ensure you take note of its measurements and compare this accordingly with your coffee or dining table height. 

Esther 3 Fabric Seater Sofa - Graphite Grey.

Choose the right fabric

For banquette style seating the debate on leather sofas vs fabric sofas can be difficult. We’d opt for something in a fabric, given the fragile nature of leather, however in the end it is really a personal choice. In this instance we’d suggest anything from our Janie 3 Seater Sofa to our Klen 3 Seater Sofa


Add plush pillows to your chosen sofa in your favourite go-to hues for added support and comfort. Throws or coloured cushions will also inject more personality into your space in an effortless and stylish way. 

Now you’ve got your banquette style seating set up, it’s time to host the ultimate Mother’s Day Brunch. 

If you’re lucky enough to spend Mother’s Day at home with your mum, turn your dining or living room into your own cozy café. There’s no reason why you can’t bring the Melbourne cafe scene into your space and spoil mum to a banquette style brunch with comfy seating and delectable pastries. 


Follow our tips:

  • Stock up on baked goods including croissants + vanilla slices. Not only are they delicious but you’ll be supporting your local bakery or café!
  • Add sweetness to your palette + colour to your styling with raspberries + blueberries
  • Spoil your mum with magazines + books that are catered to her reading tastes


  • Head to your local florist + style your space with her favourite flowers. We’ve opted for these gorgeous blooms which coincidentally are named “Mums”!
  • Give the ultimate gift this Mother’s Day by gifting your mum with a wall art piece that she’ll keep for years to come. 


Bonnie 2m Buffet Unit - Textured Espresso Black | Europa Grey Wall Art Print.
Interested in adding this styling to your own home or treating mum to a new sofa she’ll love? Shop our current sale and range of sofas available for Melbourne and Australia wide delivery.