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How To | Choose the Right Dining Table For Your Home

Redecorating, renovating or moving into a new home is an exciting time. It’s an opportunity for you to add personality to your décor and inject your sense of style into your home.  That includes choosing the pieces you love that are in line with your vision, style and the space you're working with. There are a number of considerations to make when choosing the perfect pieces. Today we’re focusing on one of the key pieces in the home, the dining table.
Choosing the right dining table for your home seems simple right? Think again! It sounds a lot easier than it actually is especially when purchasing a dining table online. But don’t stress, we’re here to help! 


Wilkin Dining Chair Craig Reclaimed 2.8m Dining Table  | Ruth High Storage Cabinet Banksia Framed Wall Art Print.



This is the most important aspect to consider because simply, your dining table must be the right size to fit into your space. There’s nothing worse than finding your dream table and perfect chairs realising it’s just not going to work. Therefore before hitting the shops or scrolling through your phone, take out your measuring tape and measure the space you have to work with. Make sure when measuring that you take into account the space you require for traffic flow and movement around your table. If you have slightly broader space, try our 8 seater dining table which gives a amazing look to your area.
Our Secret: We recommend at least 90-100cm between the table and all other objects for optimal flow and breathing room!

Massey 8 Seater Dining Table - Black | Alfie Dining Chair in Brown Grey Fabric | Mountain Edge Wall Art Print


The shape of your space will help determine the shape of your dining table. If you’re working with a narrow area a rectangular shaped table will fill the space perfectly and create a sense of symmetry.
If your space is slightly smaller, opt for a round marble dining table to be placed in the centre of the room or a square table that can be easily placed up against the wall if additional room is required. Moreover, Our elegant brown grey fabric chair occupied less space


Lyla Dining Chair - Dark Greyy | Zodiac Round Wooden Dining Table - Black | Helga Wide Sideboard And Buffet

Our Secret: If you find a shape and table you like, consider mapping it out on the floor (to size!) with masking tape or newspaper. That way you will be able to visualise how the piece works in your space!

Style, Colour + Material

Generally before purchasing a large piece for your home, you’ll have an idea in mind of the colour, style and material. When it comes to a dining table, it’s best to think of it as an extension of your kitchen and living area. If you have an established style or material utilised in these places, ensure to carry this through to your dining area to create a consistent flow between spaces.
For an industrial style dining area, opt for pieces made from raw timber and metal legs like our Edwin or Dalton Range. If your style is clean and simple, you’d be more inclined to purchase a Scandinavian style dining table. Think light colours and natural-look tones.

Dalton Reclaimed Elm Wood Dining Table - Rustic Natural | Johansen Scandinavian Fixed Dining Table - Natural | Zodiac Round Marble Dining Table - Dark Brown Base. 

If your dining space is made for entertaining at dinner parties and everyday meals, a contemporary dining table will be your go-to choice. Glass tables are great for small spaces as they allow light to filter through, whilst marble and timber are durable table options. These tables are the perfect style statement and will suit any home from the get-go.

Our secret: If you’ve found the perfect dining table online but are still unsure of the material or colour based on the website photos, simply contact the company and ask them to photograph a display item or packaged product and send the photos through to you! This will give you more of an indication of how the product appears unedited and in a natural setting!


Purchasing a dining table for your home is a difficult task. There are an array of options, materials, sizes and shapes to take into consideration. Follow the tips above to help you along your way or simply call us for more information and guidance!