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How To | The Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s time to thank mum this Sunday, the most important woman in your life! But don’t just give her flowers (even though it’s beautiful and thoughtful), surprise her with something she’ll love forever.


If you’re a mum yourself, give yourself a big treat with whatever your heart desires (or hint the family)! You deserve it too.



For Mums Who Love Lounging


Gifting mum a sofa is a big (very big) and bold move and a huge investment. But if mum has had that same old sofa going on 20+ years, then perhaps it’s worth it for all the years she’s cared for you. It’s best to scope out what style she likes and how big the space is before committing to your gift. Maybe go on a cheeky window shopping trip with her and then surprise her with that sofa she was eyeing all day long!

Troy 3 Seater Right Chaise Sofa – Light Texture Grey | Denmark 3 Seater Sofa – Dust Blue | Janie 3 Seater Sofa - Antrazite


If a sofa is out of your means, then an accent chair is a stylish alternative. Still providing that important lounging comfort, an accent chair still has the same transformative effect a sofa has to spruce up any tired living room.


For Mums Who Love a Good Cuppa


Does mum enjoy those morning coffees, a quiet afternoon tea or a chatty catch-up? She’ll probably need a coffee table to accompany her for each activity then! Coffee tables are what complete a room. Not only does a coffee table anchor the rest of the furnishings, but is super practical for everyday function. If she prefers company in the kitchen or dining room, then a couple of new dining or bar seats are much-needed for these busy areas.


For Mums Who Love to Decorate

Decor is what ties everything in the home together, and mum decorates with the utmost confidence. Whether its retro styles or the most on-trend look, mum knows what looks best at home. She finds inspiration all around her, in fashion, the places she’s travelled to, or from you. Her home is the perfect mix of everything she loves.

Peonies in Classic Bowl | Luca 40cm Silent Wall Clock – Charcoal | Palm Resort Wall Art Print