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Trend Alert | The Must Have Furniture for This Summer

With the arrival of the new season, it’s not hard to imagine how we’d like our homes to look like. Everyone is looking to bring in the charm of the outdoors through blooming plants, refreshing colour palettes and lightweight, woven floor covering choices. What about furniture? Do you know what must-have furniture pieces work best with your favourite summer decor accents? Here’s what you need to look out for to rejuvenate your home with the right shapes, colours and textures:

In terms of design, pieces evoking the glorious 1950s, 60s and 70s – the decades of furniture style prosperity – are really hot right now, and are featured in spring/summer catalogues of any major furniture retailer. There’s nothing new about the rising popularity of mid-century modern styles, but the colour and textural makeover they’ve recently received is something worth looking at – and they will surprise you!

Speaking of incorporating new colour palettes into your décor, mid-century mod furniture looks amazing in this summer’s trendiest hues, amongst which we need to blues, jungle shades, fun, saturated colours like lemon yellows and zesty oranges, as well as juicy pastels like salmon pink. Pair with furniture ingrey, charcoal and other neutrals so they don’t overpower the whole ensemble. If a bright pink mod sofa is not something you’re ready to commit to, you can always rely on a single statement chair in a saturated hue to do the trick.

Metallic tones are also very trendy right now, and the best way to incorporate them into your summer décor is to pick gold, brass and copper in matte finishes for a contemporary feel. Glossy ones are out! Pick furniture pieces on the smaller size – a brass stool or a lil’coffee table in muted gold is enough to warm up your ambiance.

To make the most out of these summer hues, go with blonde oak furniture as warm, natural finishes work best to accentuate the brightness of this colour scheme, at the same time toning it down for a harmonious aesthetic.

If you can’t summer’s latest furniture without prints, note that fluid prints and patterns are amongst the most fashionable, as well as photographic scenes, blurred images, water-colour prints and the most obvious ones: florals, tropical prints and silhouettes evoking organic imagery like insect wings.

Outdoor inspired furniture is no longer restricted to patio use only. Achieve a laid-back, bohemian feel with woven and knotted pieces. Rattan furniture is renowned for its strength and durability, so you won’t go wrong with an attractive living room set comprising wicker armchairs and a glass-top wicker coffee table