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Interior Spotlight | Living Room Furniture for You

It can often be quite overwhelming being so spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing furniture for your living room. You’ll find endless advice on style and arrangements though investing in the right pieces based on your lifestyle will be most beneficial, as it sets everything in place to work around later on.

We’ve collated a number of staple pieces worth looking into whether you’re on a budget, out of home or just in need of refreshing storage ideas for your living area.

Where do you fall under?

The Modern Family Living Room

Baby’s toys dispersed throughout your floor? Perhaps your coffee table has been replaced as a video game stand. It’s a little hard keeping up with life sometimes – but who says your lounge room has to show it?

Storage units are ideal for clearing up space and hiding those miscellaneous items. Anything with drawers is faultless; keep CDs, DVDs and games piled together. Most modern TV units come equipped with designated shelves and cord holes so you can tick organization and cleanliness off the list.

Once clutter is ruled out, glass cabinets or cube shelves are fantastic ways to store books, display photo frames and various home décor, making your living room ooze “home sweet home.”

Young Independents

It’s 6 o’clock! Time to put your feet up and your wine glass down. Your living room is undoubtedly the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day of work or classes and an ottoman just might be your new best friend. You’ve most likely seen the current trend of these padded footrests doubling as coffee tables and it definitely hasn’t risen to popularity without reason. Apart from sprucing up the room with elegance, they’re also practical and isn’t just exclusive for those with larger living areas – some even double as a storage box with a lift lid, which can be great for keeping magazines, throw rugs etc.

Laying a breakfast tray atop the ottoman radiates sophistication and simultaneously combats the “non-flat surface” argument. Freshen the room up with flowers or succulents and relax.

Lovers on a budget

Just settled into your new home but are looking to save some cash? Versatility is key if you’re in a small apartment or on a spending limit.
Butlers Trays are brilliant, trendy alternatives to side tables without losing that stylish factor or functionality. Put a little pot plant and a few books to exude a cozy feel; perhaps use it to place the home phone.

Their lightness in weight means they’re extremely easy to move so if you have a penchant for hosting parties, or need a food table for your movie night-in they also make excellent stands for holding snacks and nibbles!